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QuickBooks Simple Start
   System Requirements
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QuickBooks: Simple Start

The simplest way to manage your business finances. See how money moves in and out of your business. Quickly create sales receipts and invoices, pay bills, print checks, organize customer information, and prepare for tax time.

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Key Features
Print checks, pay bills & track sales & expenses

Record expenses and income just by writing checks and receipts.
Write your sales receipts, invoices, and checks in Simple Start, and you'll never spend another hour recording income and expenses in a ledger or spreadsheet. Simple Start collects the information automatically, as you create the forms. That means your records are always up-to-date. Just select the different reports to see where your business stands or get the totals you need for taxes.

Re-use information instead of retyping it.
Type information about a customer, vendor or product one time, and never type it again. Enter the first few letters on any invoice, check or other form — Simple Start fills in the rest automatically. But it gets better. Create new estimates by duplicating and editing existing ones. When you finish a job, click a button to turn the estimate into an invoice. Billing has never been so easy!

Create estimates & invoices

New! Choose from new, more customizable forms templates.
Choose from new sales receipt, invoice, estimate and credit memo forms templates that offer more customization options to help you present a professional image. You can show or hide fields, change styles and colors, and include your logo.

Keep everything together in one place. Stop digging through piles of paper, switching applications or searching through files to find the information you need. Simple Start organizes your customers, vendors and products…your sales, estimates and invoices…your receipts, deposits, checks and expenses…all together in one place. Nothing gets lost. Nothing falls through the cracks.

Find information instantly. Look up invoices, transactions, customers, and vendors instantly from the Simple Start home page. Related records are linked: in the blink of an eye, you can move from an estimate to its invoice, or an invoice to its payment. The home page also gives you direct access to your Simple Start bank and credit card registers, reports, and a clear picture of money coming in and out of your business.

Calculate totals accurately and automatically. No more erasing and rewriting totals or double-checking calculations. Simple Start helps keep your transactions and records accurate by doing all the math for you, including sales tax, discounts and markups. If you change a transaction, any figures linked to it update instantly — even on reports.


How QuickBooks Simple Start Can Help You

See how much money you're making.
Simple Start keeps track of your sales and expenses automatically as you create receipts or invoices, and make deposits. And it reports the totals instantly, so you can see exactly how you're doing.

Does just what you need - no more, no less.
Includes everthing you need to organize customer information, pay your bills, prepare for tax time, and see where you're making money and spending your money. It's all the essentials you want for your business.

Simple to set up, learn, and use.
Answer 3 easy questions, and start working. With Simple Start, you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. No need to page through a thick users manual or learn complex accounting concepts.

Keeps you organized, efficient, accurate.
New customization option lets you create professional-looking estimates and invoices with a few keystrokes. Find any transaction fast. Get totals automatically without writing formulas or doing math.

Work simply from anywhere, anytime with Simple Start Online Edition.Work with your business data any hour of the day or night from any internet-connected PC.

Get help and support to make sure you get started right.
Learn fast with built-in tutorials, on-screen help, and FREE QuickBooks callback support for 30 days following registration.

Guaranteed easy — or your money back!

QuickBooks is the financial management solution recommended by more accountants than any other, and we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

NOTE: Simple Start Edition 2009 is for first-time QuickBooks users or upgraders from prior versions of Simple Start. Simple Start cannot import data from prior versions of QuickBooks: Basic, Pro or Premier Editions.

System Requirements

Recommended System Configuration
  • Processor: at least an IBM Compatible 350 MHz Intel® Pentium (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 96 MB of RAM

Minimum System Requirements1

  • Processor: IBM Compatible 200 MHz Intel® Pentium (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 64 MB of RAM
  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 2000/XP
  • Hard Disk: 450 MB of disk space for QuickBooks installation
  • CD-ROM Drive: 2X CD-ROM
  • Monitor: At least 256 color SVGA video, 800 x 600 resolution with small fonts
  • Modem: All online services/features require Internet access with at least a 56Kbps modem
  • Internet Browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 required for Online Edition (6.0 provided on CD; requires an additional 70MB hard disk space)
  • Printer: Works with any printer supported by Windows 2000/XP

    1 To find your computer’s system configurations:
    1. Click on Start button (located on bottom left hand corner of your screen)
    2. Select Settings -> Control Panel
    3. Click on System. The Processor and RAM are listed on the bottom right of this screen.
    4. To find your computer’s disk space, double-click on My Computer (located on your Desktop).


Here's where you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about choosing, upgrading and using QuickBooks software. If you need more information before making your purchase decision, please call us.

Version: Understanding options and choosing QuickBooks products
Why Simple Start? What can it do for me?

Keeping track of your finances is essential for paying your taxes and making sure you're turning a profit. But it takes time—and that means you've got less time for work that actually earns money. Simple Start tracks your money automatically while you do everyday tasks like paying bills and invoicing customers.

Once you start using Simple Start to manage everyday tasks, you'll suddenly know more about your business than ever before: how much money you've made in a given month; which invoices have and haven't been paid; which are your best customers; and more. When tax time rolls around, click a button to run a "Tax Detail" report, and hand it to your accountant or transfer the figures to your return. It's an incredible timesaver.

My spreadsheet works fine. What else can Simple Start do for me?
  Plenty! QuickBooks: Simple Start can help you avoid errors, save time, keep you much more organized, and, by tracking all your transactions and invoices in one place, put more information at your fingertips than you could possibly get from a paper-based system or spreadsheet.

You can automatically run reports that tell you where you stand on everything from profits and losses to sales and expenses. And it saves you hours at tax time by giving you all the totals you need for your tax forms.

Will Simple Start keep my business from growing?
  Not at all! Simple Start is designed to make it very easy for a small business to start tracking their finances more efficiently without having to learn complicated software or complex accounting concepts. As you add employees and your business becomes more complex, you can easily make the move to QuickBooks: Pro, Premier or Online Edition. All the data you've entered in Simple Start will transfer to the new edition, and you'll be able to access it instantly.

At some point, you may want to delegate accounting tasks to various employees. With QuickBooks: Pro and Premier, you can purchase additional licenses and allow up to 5 employees simultaneous access to any information you choose. Eventually, you can move to QuickBooks: Enterprise Solutions and allow access by up to 10 employees simultaneously. Or you can choose QuickBooks: Online Edition which supports from 3 users up to 20 users with simultaneous access.

How can I tell which edition of QuickBooks I need?
  Take a look at our comparison chart to see which edition of QuickBooks offers the features that best meet your needs.

If you're currently using a spreadsheet or paper ledger to keep track of your money, QuickBooks: Simple Start may be perfect for you. Users call it "amazingly easy." It lets you track money coming into and going out of your business just by writing checks, issuing invoices and sales receipts, and creating deposit slips. If want the flexibility of working on your finances without being tied to the office, you may prefer Simple Start Online Edition. You can order Simple Start, then choose between the desktop and online editions after viewing a preview of both versions included in the package. Learn more.

For businesses that need additional tools, like payroll, inventory, time tracking, and more advanced reporting, QuickBooks: Pro. is a more advanced full-featured financial management system. It offers more flexible customization options for your forms, more flexible pricing options, and report customization. It can share information with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word. And it can accommodate 5 simultaneous users over a network.

QuickBooks: Premier offers the most comprehensive set of QuickBooks tools, including tools for business planning and forecasting, and advanced inventory management. QuickBooks: Premier is also available in customized industry specific editions designed to meet the needs of contractors , accountants, nonprofit organizations, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and professional services providers.

Finally, QuickBooks: Online Edition is a complete accounting package that gives you access to your financial data anytime anywhere, via the Web. You can also use it to allow multiple users access to the same data simultaneously from wherever they happen to be located.

My business doesn't need "accounting software." What's different about Simple Start?
  Simple Start is designed for people who don't want or need full-fledged "accounting software," just an easy way to efficiently keep track of sales, expenses, and customers. If you've been using paper ledgers, spreadsheets to track your numbers, and word processing documents or paper forms for your invoices and sales receipts, Simple Start is perfect for you.

Simple Start is much faster to set up and use than typical accounting software. It typically takes 20 minutes or less to get started. And it's so easy to use, it doesn't even need a thick manual. You'll work with forms that look just like the paper forms you use everyday, and everything works the way you'd expect.

Does Simple Start handle inventory?
  With Simple Start you can keep a list of all items you sell but it does not have inventory functionalities. If you need to keep track of your inventory you may find QuickBooks: Pro, Premier, or Online Edition to be a more appropriate solution for you.

What if I decide I like my old method better?
  We guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent or your money back. If you're not happy with Simple Start software, return it within 60 days with a dated receipt for a full refund of your purchase price.

General: Getting started and growing with QuickBooks
How long does Simple Start take to learn?
  You could have your business up and running in 15 minutes or less. The simple setup interview asks 3 easy questions to customize your setup for your business. Then you're ready to work.

Can Quicken do the same thing as QuickBooks?


Quicken is specifically designed to handle personal finances while QuickBooks handles small business finances. Each product is tailored (features, reports, and workflows) to meet the needs of those specific audiences. If you require a single solution to handle personal finances and small business finances for a small, home-based, Schedule C filing business with no employees, then Quicken Premier Home & Business might be the right solution for you.

Add-ons: Using other services that work with QuickBooks
Can I setup payroll on Simple Start?
  Simple Start is designed to make it easy for you to keep track of sales, expenses, and your customers but does not keep track of payroll needs. If you need to setup and run payroll, QuickBooks: Pro, Premier, or Online Edition may be more appropriate solutions for you.

What other business products and services work with QuickBooks?
  We offer a full range of products and services that integrate with QuickBooks to streamline your work. Are you looking for ways to manage your business more efficiently?. Eliminate data reentry and save time, so you can focus on more important things. Developed by industry experts, these software applications help solve the business needs for those in construction, retail, manufacturing, legal, non-profit and more.

Can QuickBooks handle credit card payments?
  Yes. You can accept all major credit and debit cards right in QuickBooks — with QuickBooks Merchant Service, the only credit card processing solution that's completely integrated into QuickBooks. Process credit cards with the click of a button as you enter your data into QuickBooks. There is no need for additional hardware or software, saving you money and making your job easier. Furthermore, QuickBooks helps you keep more accurate records, by telling you which payments have been deposited to your bank account, and by allowing you to download your merchant fees directly into QuickBooks. QuickBooks Merchant Service is sold separately. Additional fees, conditions, and terms apply.
Integration: Find specialized products that help you work even better
Are there any third-party solutions that integrate and extend Simple Start functionalities?
  Simple Start has an open SDK available for integration with third party solutions that may extend QuickBooks Simple Start functionalities. If you are interested in learning about third party solutions available to you, please visit the QuickBooks: Solutions MarketPlace.

Import: Bringing your information into QuickBooks
Can I import downloaded bank account transactions into Simple Start?
  Simple Start has a bank register that you can use to keep track of all the checks you write out and deposits you make to your bank and credit card accounts. Currently it does not automatically import bank account transactions, so you must enter it yourself. If you want to use Online Banking to download your bank and credit card transactions and import them into QuickBooks you may find QuickBooks: Pro, Premier, or Online Edition to be a more appropriate solution for you.

Can I import my Quicken or Microsoft Excel data into Simple Start?


Simple Start is designed for first-time QuickBooks users and users of prior year versions of Simple Start only. The setup is very easy to follow so you can start inputting data in less than 15 minutes. You do have to input any previous data manually since Simple Start does not have Quicken or Excel integration functionalities. You can start with a blank company file and input any data manually or if you want to import your data from Quicken, Excel or any other program, you may want to try QuickBooks: Pro, Premier, or Online Edition.

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