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Dear Reseller,

You have requested an application to become a Timesoft Reseller. In order for us to evaluate the territory and to get a better picture of your company, we ask that you fill out this application/questionnaire.

If after review we think it makes sense for both sides to move forward we require that you order a Timesoft Reseller Demonstration Kit if you apply and are approved for Levels 1 and 2. The Timesoft Reseller Demonstration Kit consists of demonstration software, reference manual, magnetic electronic time clock unit, set of 3 employee cards, supervisor card, and product brochures. If applying for Level 3, purchasing a demonstration kit is recommended, but not required.

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Company Information
  Company Name Years in Business                          Annual Sales
  Address City, State, Zip Code
  Telephone                                                  Fax                                                         Email
  Territory Covered  
  Type of company?      Corporation           Partnership            Proprietorship
  Total number of:         Employees        Sales Personnel       Service Personnel
  What products are you currently selling?
  Will you continue (or plan) to sell other time keeping equipment?         YES      NO
  Can you provide technical support for Timesoft products?                     YES      NO
  Estimated annual number of Timesoft installations?
        Windows 9x/2000/XP        Windows NT/Novell        IBM iSeries AS/400        ASP/Hosted
  Do you sell through a catalog?          YES    NO
  What Timesoft Reseller Level are you most interested in?   Distributor    Reseller   Associate
Name and Title of Company Officer
  Name Title Signature
  Name Title Signature
  Name Title Signature
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